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LIQUIDATION SALE!!! ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!! 50% off all regularly priced items. The Reduced to clear and the Samples & Spares categories were already heavily discounted but we are taking an additional 15% off. All orders will be filled numerically. While the inventory number is shown to the right of the photos, we cross post on eBay so the number may be slightly skewed. The last issue needing to be addressed is that because most of the items are 50% off the postal charges are based on value, we will need to adjust the shipping costs. When I send you the confirmation of shipping you will find the adjusted total. Thanks and happy shopping!!

Dear Friends and Valued Customers, Last year (2015) we tried to retire. Then plans had to change. My daughter who is stricken with an auto immune disease and had been unemployed for many months was forced to move from Florida and make her home with us in Tennessee. This meant I lost my very spacious work room. So we moved things around and for the last year I have been working out of a closet, not the optimal of working conditions but you do what you have to do.

Over the year there have been a number of issues that are pushing me back towards retirement.

Though out the time Iíve worked with my supplier, he has of late become unreliable. I am faced with each order that comes in being full of errors, spelling mistakes, wrong colors. He is trying to grow his business and in doing so has let quality control slip tremendously. I am a stressor by nature and find myself feeling ill each time a box is brought to my front door. You might say, ďwhy not find a new supplier?Ē If only that was as easy as it seems. The language issue looms large and is problematic, the cost of getting the goods from the east to the USA grows larger and larger with each passing month. Add these issues onto the top of the fact that US Postal Service hit us last weekend with as much as a 30% increase for shipping packages.

Iíve been dealing with my back issues over the last few years and this year has been a real trial for me. In order to live with the back issues I need to not stand or sit for long periods of time, this means Iíve cancelled the 2 big events I was looking forward to this spring and summer. And ultimately it means I am giving up the business.

From today 1/23/16 we will not be taking any further orders for custom pins. If you have an order already in, you will get your pins late in March.

Effective February 29, 2016, Baroness of Bling will cease to exist. By the end of next week (the 29th of January) I will have reduced what stock I have and will send you out a notice so you can take advantage of the bargains to be had.

For custom pin orders, please contact Mary Jane of Sparkle and Dazzle at 407-963-8611. I will talk to you soon. Cindi

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